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Quality Time

Hanging out with those you love is the best thing ever.  This past weekend we got to do just that.  A day outside on the porch, Tim painting, Holly reading & emailing, dogs sleeping…it was a good day.



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Doggie Drama

Today was an interesting day with the dogs.

Let me give a little background information….Seagull and Spartacus finally spent time together this past Sunday.  They had a “play date” in a neutral space (aka–not our house), for about 4-5 hours.  They get along just as expected; Spartacus wants nothing to do with Seagull and Seagull just wants to play.  Spartacus puts her in her place every time she jumps, licks, or is even remotely near Spartacus.  It’s actually quite amusing to watch…remember the Looney Tunes cartoon with the two dogs and the little one jumps all over the place asking a lot of fast paced questions?  That’s how this scenario is playing out in my eyes.  (See picture below)

This morning started off pretty well, the dogs were spending their 3rd day together and Tim and I were being productive.  Part of our productiveness meant running some errands around the Island.  At about 12pm, while being productive, I get a phone call that starts out with “Don’t freak out but…”.  This is never good.  Turns out Seagull threw up A LOT and then passed out and was just lying there.  I called the vet’s office which was closed until 3pm.  I called the local groomer who is also a vet tech and she told me to call the vet and then if no answer than to bring the dog to her.   I decided to call back the messenger and ask some more questions.  At that point, the dog was up, walking around, and drinking some water.  Good!  Turns out she got stung by a wasp.  A Benedryl and a little love and she was good to go.  She didn’t have to go see anyone.

About 2 hours later, I get another phone call, this time from Tim.  “So, Spartacus just caught a chicken and brought it back for us to see.  It’s only mostly dead.”  “Only MOSTLY dead?”  What does one do with a mostly dead chicken?  We didn’t have these issues in Jersey.  Turkeys maybe but they’re so big Spartacus was afraid of them; I don’t blame him, they scare me too. lol    The chicken didn’t make it.  RIP poor chicken.  You landed in the wrong property today.

20 minutes after Spartacus delivered his catch of the day, with feathers in his mustache and beard, he started throwing up.  3 times to be exact.  Apparently, his belly doesn’t like feathers…

Ahhh…a day in the life on the island.  I’m glad everyone and every dog is feeling better, not throwing up, and now sleeping it off.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Lol.

Spike and Chester of Looney Tunes remind me of Spartacus and Seagull.


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Puppy Love

For my birthday this year, we decided to adopt a dog.  Tim and I visited the Animal Rescue Foundation Anguilla to find a new dog (link below).   We had a choice of two dogs; a boy that was a few weeks and a girl who was about 2.5 months old.  As cute as the little boy dog was, we connected with the girl.  This sweet girl gave me tons of kisses the day we adopted her!  She is already learning to sit, stay, and lie down!

Many of our friends and family are asking what breed she is….the real answer is she’s a “coconut retriever” as they say here on the island.  We really don’t know what breed she is, but it appears she may have some pitbull and possibly some doberman in her.   She is definitely a mutt and a lovable one at that.


Animal Rescue Foundation Anguilla website:  http://aarf.ai

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