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Where’s the band?

The closest restaurant bar to where we live is Da’Vida.  On certain nights, they have live entertainment spanning from 2 people to a full band.  When the wind blows in the right direction, which is almost all the time, we can hear the music from our front porch.  It’s really nice, to say the least, that we can enjoy the entertainment without leaving the house.

However, sometimes it’s nice to actually be there experiencing the people, the energy from the live music, holding your beverage of choice, and experiencing the rolling waves 10 feet from where you’re sitting.   We have tried every weekend and a few week nights to be there when the good stuff happens there.  (Good Stuff = popular bands, festivals, social gatherings)

Our first time to Da’Vida, we were one of 3 couples there on a Friday night but the only ones at the bar.  Before we knew any better, we thought a Friday night would be prime time for people to collect and have a good time–especially where there’s a bar.  Not so here in Anguilla.  Our bartender, Myra, informed us that on Saturdays, there’s a band that plays at Da’Vida, which we’ve heard from our porch.  We’ve heard this band before and it sounded as lively as a wedding.  Tim and I walked away that night with our new knowledge and agreed that on Saturday we would come to see the band.  That very next night, we arrived at the bar and to our surprise, it was a ghost town.  Once again, it was just us and Myra!  lol  Turned out the band was booked at a different location that night.  Regardless, it was another pleasant evening 10 feet from the water talking to the lovely Myra.

This past Wednesday night we went to Da’Vida, hoping to see a band called British Dependency (not the same band we previously pursuing).  We had heard some buzz about them and wanted to check them out.  Luckily, they were there and sounded fantastic!  I would describe their sound as a an alternative pop sound.  Some vocals reminded me of Incubus and Tim was reminded of artists like Tracey Chapman.  The quality of the live performance is much better than the recording because there is some echo in the vocals on the recording…but definitely check out their page on Facebook…some of their music is available to listen to right on Facebook.

Finally we saw some quality, live entertainment at Da’Vida.  We will continue to try to figure out the entertainment scene here…and I’ll post when we figure out where the “good stuff” is happening.  lol

First Outing at Da'Vida

Tim's Fancy Drink at Da'Vida


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Bay Hopping

Our first attempt to go lay on the beach was at Limestone Bay.  Note:  It’s been a REALLY long time since Tim and I have tried to go on a ‘relaxing vacation’ be it a day or an extended length of time.  We take all these adventures in stride and laugh the entire time.

As we pull up in our little rental car there’s no one around.  We park on the side of the road, grab our beach bag and walk onto the beach.   It’s a small beach; quaint and secluded and about the side of a dance floor.   The water is really rough here not suitable for swimming but definitely suitable for a nice day at the beach.  There are big coral rocks on both the right and left of the entrance to Limestone Bay which caused some outrageous wave sprays.  Really beautiful.  We picked a spot in the shade and out came our towels to lie down and relax, read, etc.  About 5 minutes in we start getting eaten by mosquitos.  Yikes!  We looked at each other with the expression that said, “we can’t stay here without bug spray, where else can we explore”?

Our new plan was to look for Rendezvous Bay.  After finding some vague directions, ie “Take the road west from the Airport and follow approx. 3.5 miles to the Great House road sign on the left.  Follow road to the beach. Park next to the hotel and along the road.” we set off for Rendezvous Bay.  After about 15 minutes in the car, we approached a sandy lot that appeared to be a parking lot.  The ocean was in front of us, so this must have been it. Yay, we found it!  We get ourselves all set up, towels out, enjoying the sun and the fantastic view of St. Martin.  The waves were gentle, the water was warm, there weren’t that many people there, and a few boats were anchored in the bay.  It was picturesque.  Next thing we know, we’re getting rained on!  We pack up our stuff and hustle back to the car to wait out the rain.  Wouldn’t you know as soon as we get in the car, the rain stopped.  lol The rain blew over quickly so out we went back to the beach to enjoy the sun and water for a couple more hours–rain free.

Our Findings:  Rendezvous Bay is A LOT calmer than Limestone Bay.  One reason is they are on different sides of the island.  Limestone Bay is on the Northern side of the island and Rendezvous Bay is on the Southern side of the island.  The southern side of the island has calmer waters because of the short distance between Anguilla and St. Martin.

Here are some pictures of Limestone Bay and Rendezvous Bay.


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