Puppy Love

For my birthday this year, we decided to adopt a dog.  Tim and I visited the Animal Rescue Foundation Anguilla to find a new dog (link below).   We had a choice of two dogs; a boy that was a few weeks and a girl who was about 2.5 months old.  As cute as the little boy dog was, we connected with the girl.  This sweet girl gave me tons of kisses the day we adopted her!  She is already learning to sit, stay, and lie down!

Many of our friends and family are asking what breed she is….the real answer is she’s a “coconut retriever” as they say here on the island.  We really don’t know what breed she is, but it appears she may have some pitbull and possibly some doberman in her.   She is definitely a mutt and a lovable one at that.


Animal Rescue Foundation Anguilla website:  http://aarf.ai


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23 Days Later

My life in New Jersey was filled with dance classes, choreography, and even more dance.  I taught ballet, tap, jazz, and modern at a wonderful studio called Metuchen Dance Centre for 5 years.  This was my home away from home.  I was there 4, sometimes 5 times a week for classes, rehearsals, office work, picking out recital music, choosing costumes, creating new programs for summer, helping to re-work the schedule….the list goes on and on.  But it wasn’t work there, it was sharing a love of a life that few understand.  The life of a dance teacher.

So imagine having to leave, mid-year, this family that you have spend endless hours pouring your love, sweat, pirouettes, and now, tears with.  Leaving my family at MDC was one of THE hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

23 days later–with no dance classes in sight–I was connected with Gina.  Gina, I’m told, is involved with a dance school in Anguilla.  There’s a dance school here?!?  Fantastic!  I immediately contact her and she invites Tim and I to see her perform with the Myoumba Folkloric Theatre group at the Anacaona Boutique Hotel.  When the performance was over, Gina and I met eyes and said almost in unison, “are you Holly/Gina?”  lol  We hit it off right away, like we were long lost friends.

She was very excited that I was on the island because the dance school she’s involved with was in need of  teachers so the school can grow and further enhance the quality of the education provided.  On Sunday I took a Musical Theater workshop at the school.  Before the class started, around 12pm, Gina introduced me to the owners of Klassique Academy of Dance and we had a quick chat introducing ourselves.  I was told the owners would call me later that night.  Later that night when Tim and I returned home from a beach party, I noticed I had 4 missed calls and a text!    After returning their calls & texts, we met again that same night to chat.  It was ultimately decided I was going to teach 45 minutes of a modern class and 45 minutes of a jazz class on Monday night.

I started my modern class on the floor as I always do, with spiral x’s.  Basically you are leading with one extremity (fingers or toes) and using that extremity to lead the body in a roll.  Then we did seated leg swings etc etc etc….then I taught them part of a piece I had choreographed to the movie theme song, “Triplets of Belleville”.  They did well with the movement and even giggled a little at it (which is good because it’s a silly and fun piece).  Keep in mind that this was probably the first modern class any of the kids had ever taken–they did excellent and really seemed to enjoy it!

Moving on to jazz I got them into it with a warm-up I had choreographed to “Rich Man’s Frug” from Sweet Charity and they had a ball with it!  Most of them had never heard of Bob Fosse so this will be a treat for me to be able to teach them about his style.  We worked on pas de bourees, pirouettes, and then I moved onto a combination.  Again they had such a good time–as did I.  The energy in that room was addictive!  I felt like I could’ve stayed there and taught for 3 more hours!

Long story short (to late), I am officially teaching and on the schedule at Klassique Academy of Dance and Performing Arts Anguilla and I’m very excited.

The link to Klassique’s Facebook page:  http://facebook.com/KADPAA

The link to Metuchen Dance Centre’s website:  http://metuchendance.com/


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2 small adventures, one full day

On Jan 9th I went on an adventure trying to find the grocery stores.  There are two on one road which are ideal to save money, Proctors & Best Buy.  So I turn down this one road (the roads don’t really have names here and if they do, they’re not labeled) and go down where I think the stores are.  So I’m driving and driving and don’t see them.  Finally, I turn around because I think I may have missed them.  Right now everything looks the same because I don’t know any landmarks.  So I’m driving and driving….and I wind up back where I started – no stores.  Huh.  Well, maybe I missed them….so I do the whole trip again.  Still nothing.  Really?!  I get to a traffic light and it hits me….all I had to do was turn left and go about 1/2 a mile to get to Proctors.  Doh!  I was laughing so hard at myself.  In the end, I did find Proctors and Best Buy along with some new landmarks.

That same night just before sunset, Tim, Spartacus and I went for a walk to Crocus Bay, the beach just below our house. When we got down to the bottom by the beach, three dogs surrounded us.  We didn’t know if they were strays or if they belonged to anyone.  It was a little nerve wracking…we just kept walking toward the water and the dogs backed off.  Then….tee hee…..Spartacus pooped.  The dogs scared the poop out of him!  lol


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Bay Hopping

Our first attempt to go lay on the beach was at Limestone Bay.  Note:  It’s been a REALLY long time since Tim and I have tried to go on a ‘relaxing vacation’ be it a day or an extended length of time.  We take all these adventures in stride and laugh the entire time.

As we pull up in our little rental car there’s no one around.  We park on the side of the road, grab our beach bag and walk onto the beach.   It’s a small beach; quaint and secluded and about the side of a dance floor.   The water is really rough here not suitable for swimming but definitely suitable for a nice day at the beach.  There are big coral rocks on both the right and left of the entrance to Limestone Bay which caused some outrageous wave sprays.  Really beautiful.  We picked a spot in the shade and out came our towels to lie down and relax, read, etc.  About 5 minutes in we start getting eaten by mosquitos.  Yikes!  We looked at each other with the expression that said, “we can’t stay here without bug spray, where else can we explore”?

Our new plan was to look for Rendezvous Bay.  After finding some vague directions, ie “Take the road west from the Airport and follow approx. 3.5 miles to the Great House road sign on the left.  Follow road to the beach. Park next to the hotel and along the road.” we set off for Rendezvous Bay.  After about 15 minutes in the car, we approached a sandy lot that appeared to be a parking lot.  The ocean was in front of us, so this must have been it. Yay, we found it!  We get ourselves all set up, towels out, enjoying the sun and the fantastic view of St. Martin.  The waves were gentle, the water was warm, there weren’t that many people there, and a few boats were anchored in the bay.  It was picturesque.  Next thing we know, we’re getting rained on!  We pack up our stuff and hustle back to the car to wait out the rain.  Wouldn’t you know as soon as we get in the car, the rain stopped.  lol The rain blew over quickly so out we went back to the beach to enjoy the sun and water for a couple more hours–rain free.

Our Findings:  Rendezvous Bay is A LOT calmer than Limestone Bay.  One reason is they are on different sides of the island.  Limestone Bay is on the Northern side of the island and Rendezvous Bay is on the Southern side of the island.  The southern side of the island has calmer waters because of the short distance between Anguilla and St. Martin.

Here are some pictures of Limestone Bay and Rendezvous Bay.


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So here we are, the two of us and our dog in Anguilla, British West Indies (BWI).  Where is this island you ask?

Anguilla is a small island just north of St. Martin/St. Maarten.  Since we’ve only been here for 12 days total…our knowledge of this island and what it has to offer is limited.  Don’t expect that to last long though; both Tim and I are anxious to learn as much as we can about the people, the island, and everything Anguilla and the Caribbean have to offer.

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