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On the second day in Anguilla, we decided we wanted to take a picture of the sunset every night. Most will be from our porch unless we are out and about during the sunset.

2 small adventures, one full day

On Jan 9th I went on an adventure trying to find the grocery stores.  There are two on one road which are ideal to save money, Proctors & Best Buy.  So I turn down this one road (the roads don’t really have names here and if they do, they’re not labeled) and go down where I think the stores are.  So I’m driving and driving and don’t see them.  Finally, I turn around because I think I may have missed them.  Right now everything looks the same because I don’t know any landmarks.  So I’m driving and driving….and I wind up back where I started – no stores.  Huh.  Well, maybe I missed them….so I do the whole trip again.  Still nothing.  Really?!  I get to a traffic light and it hits me….all I had to do was turn left and go about 1/2 a mile to get to Proctors.  Doh!  I was laughing so hard at myself.  In the end, I did find Proctors and Best Buy along with some new landmarks.

That same night just before sunset, Tim, Spartacus and I went for a walk to Crocus Bay, the beach just below our house. When we got down to the bottom by the beach, three dogs surrounded us.  We didn’t know if they were strays or if they belonged to anyone.  It was a little nerve wracking…we just kept walking toward the water and the dogs backed off.  Then….tee hee…..Spartacus pooped.  The dogs scared the poop out of him!  lol



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