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Where else could I go?

Getting into the house is always an important factor in one’s day.  On occasion, I have been known to accidentally lock Tim out of the house.  After a handful of times, we thought it might be a good idea to get another copy made of one of our keys.

When I inquired with friends where I could get a key made, they said go to ACE Hardware.  I hopped in the car, got to ACE Hardware in South Hill and found out they didn’t have the base key needed to copy my key.  So I waited about a week and tried to find a key somewhere else.

Where else could I go?

Multiple sources told me to try Lake’s Do it Best located in The Valley.  Lake’s Do it Best is one of the more complete hardware stores on the island.  As I walked in, hopeful this would be my one and only stop, I approached the cashier and asked if they made keys.  She looked at me and said, “We do but the machine is broken.”  Darn.  So I asked, “Where else could I go?”  The cashier tells me the Tackle Box cuts keys. Tackle Box is also located in The Valley and a catch-all type of store.

Five Minutes later, I arrived.  I walked in with my hopes still high, after all, it’s only three stores so far…this is not so bad.  I inquired about the keys and it turns out they don’t make keys.  Bummer.  So I ask, “Where else could I go?”

NAPA Auto Parts was suggested as the next stop.  Located near the airport, this was about a 7 minute drive.  My feet a little heavier than when I started, I trekked into the store and asked my question.  There was a glimmer of hope when the woman behind the counter had what appeared to be a base key that matched mine!  Yes!!   She put on her safety glasses, put the keys in the machine and…oh, nope…wrong shape.  I will not be getting my key copied at NAPA today.  So I asked, “Where else could I go?”

Next stop:  Xerox.  Yes, Xerox.  I didn’t believe it when I was told to go there.  Why would a photo copy store have keys?  But, what the heck?  This IS Anguilla…anything goes.  So I drove the 2 minutes down the road, parked, crossed the street, walked in and I saw them.  An entire rack of shiny blank keys.  Wow–who knew??  This was great, they must have a matching base key so asked my question.  The woman gave my key one look and said, “sorry, we don’t have that key.”  So I asked, “Where else could I go?”

Where else couldI go?  I’ve been all over the Island looking for this key for hours, now I’m hungry, and ready to give up. Please let them tell me something amazing like ‘we’re getting a shipment of these keys tomorrow’.  No such luck, I was directed to ACE.  I’ve already been to ACE last week and was told they didn’t have the base key.  With a shrug, I said to myself, “Ok, try it.  You never know.”

Map showing my travels from one location to the next. Follow the colors from dark to light.

So I left Xerox, crossed the street, got back in the car and drove 10 minutes back to ACE.  Maybe now they have the key I need.  I got there…walked in and there were two female employees sitting and talking.  I told them what I was looking for and one of the women took my key, looked at it and without saying a word started fishing through their base keys and all of a sudden started to cut a copy of my key.  Now, my key is silver and has a squarish top, the one she was cutting was gold and had a round top.  Hmmm…something told me this might not work.  When she finished, she handed me the keys, side by side to show the cut of the new one.   The only words she said to me, “Well, I hope this works.”  I respond, “Me too.  Meee too.”  I paid my $3.00 US dollars and drove home with my fingers crossed.

As I walked up to the door I could hear the drumroll in my head…will this new key be the right cut or will I have to start my search all over?  I insert the key.  Phew–it fits.  I start to turn the key…SUCCESS!!!  The door swung open and I had a working key.

So 4 stores and 5 stops later I finally found my key. It proves that everyday this island provides a new adventure and something new to learn!


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What’s a normal day?

Recently I took a trip back to New Jersey for about 9 days.  It was great to be back, it was wonderful to see all those whom I have missed so badly, and it was so fabulous going shopping.  Oh, how I miss one stop shopping.

As I went about my week in Jersey, seeing friends and family I was asked the same question a couple of times.  “So, what do you do on a normal day?  Like, you get up in the morning and then what?”

Well today is a good example that there is no “normal” day…which I think is true no matter where you live in the world…

Typically, Monday is part of our weekend because Tim has Sunday and Monday off from teaching.  So this one particular morning, I started to make pancakes from scratch and as I turned on the stove to heat up the pan, nothing happened.  I looked and the pilot light was not lit.  A couple of matches later, I realized the pilot light was not going to light.  Tim and I spent a few more minutes investigating to discover there was no more propane.  The pancake batter made its way into the fridge and I proceed to go into the garage where the propane tank is to attempt to disengage the gas line.  I used my hands, I used a wrench, I used my entire body weight and nothing worked.  I called for reinforcement from Tim, who also used his hands, a wrench, and his entire body weight with no success.  What the heck?  How could this gas line be so tight?

We called our friend Maduki.  He didn’t have much luck loosening the gas line either.  He contacted King Nyah.  We drive down the hill to pick him up with a bigger wrench in hand.  Back at the house King Nyah walked up to the propane tank with his big wrench and proceeds to loosen the gas line with no problem.  Huh?  How’d he do that?

It turned out my 2 other reinforcements and I were turning the nut in the wrong direction…there’s a joke in there somewhere….how many people does it take to remove a propane tank?  Well, the three of us were going ‘righty-tighty lefty-loosey’.  Except in this case, it was the propane tank end not the gas line end that held the saying true.  So all the energy Tim, Maduki, and I put into turning the gas line was actually tightening it.  Oops.  lol

Now that the tank is free from the gas line we have to get it in the car and refill it.  This tank is no joke…it’s slightly bigger than the tall ones used for helium balloons.  The tank is easy to load into the car empty but after it’s filled it weighs….A LOT.  With Maduki and King Nyah off on their way, it was up to me and my hubby to lift this heavy tank and reattach it to the gas line.

It was rough, mostly on Tim, because I can’t lift too much weight but we managed to successfully reattach the tank.  Two hours later, we finally cooked our pancakes.  Gotta love having breakfast for lunch!

So much for a typical day…but too many of those makes for a boring life.  🙂

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