“No-see-ums” but you ‘feel-um’

Recently Tim & I went out with a group of friends to an outdoor beach bar & grill.  It was a great time, a little overcast, but sometimes that’s a nice change from all the intense sun we get here.  I’d say we were there for a good 4 hours chatting, snacking, people watching, and enjoying the live music with the incredible view of Shoal Bay….

That same night after dinner both Tim and I had extremely itchy feet.  I’m talking the kind of itch that no scratching can ease.  What the heck??  I don’t remember being bit by any mosquitos.  Upon examining my feet more closely, I see tons of little tiny red bumps…almost like a rash and too small to be mosquito bites.  Turns out these are from tiny sand flies or “no-see-ums” as some locals call them.  (Enter forehead slap here)

I think almost everyone we were out with has these bites on their feet and lower legs…the only relief I found has been to stand in the ocean.  The salt water is helpful with the itch but I can’t stay in the ocean 24/7.  This led me to research online.  Here’s what I found so far:  baking soda and water in paste form works for a while.  You can also slice a lemon or lime and squeeze the juice on the bite to help dry it out.  Witch hazel is another one I tried.  Nothing holds for too long.  It’s been 2 days and they still itch like new….if anyone knows how to soothe these crazy “no-see-um” bites, please, fill me in.



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2 responses to ““No-see-ums” but you ‘feel-um’

  1. Holly, I go to St. John and also the BVI’s pretty often and I live on benadryl and constantly have bug spray on, 24/7. I am so allergic to the no see um bites. They have made me miserable in the past. I’m surprised it took this long for you to come in contact with them. The bites seem to continue to come out for days after you have been bitten too! Bug spray to prevent them and typical cortisone creams for the itch. I even have a prescription type. Good luck!

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