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Love and the Car Wash….

Today I decided to check out a local store in the Valley.  As I drive up to the building to park, I hear this man yell out….I LOVE YOU, GORGEOUS!    Let me describe this man so you can get a visual on this one.  He appears to be about 45 years old, has dirt all over him, is wearing a beat up striped t-shirt, filthy shorts, sneakers, and he walked with a limp (I think his foot was injured).  A character to say the least.  Ok, so I park the car and go upstairs into the store, check things out and get back into the car.  I start the car, open the windows to enjoy the beautiful breeze, put the car in reverse, and look in the rear view mirror.  That same man was walking directly toward the back window of the car!!  What the Heck??

I see him lift his hand up to the window and he proceeded to write the following message in the 1 inch of dirt on the window, “I love you ok baby”  then he walked up to the passenger side window (wide open) and says to me while tapping his chest, “I love you, ok?”  To which I respond, “Ok, thank you!”  then he walks away like nothing ever happened and I drive away.  (Check out the images at the end)


I guess it’s time to get the car washed.

Everyday I pass by a car wash that is on the main road by where we live called Nurse’s Boy.  Everytime I drive by there’s either no one there or a bunch of guys sitting and talking.  I’ve rarely seen them wash any cars….ok, so today I see them out there actually washing cars after the strange man confesses his love to me.  I have to set the scene for this one too…there is a cement slab just off the road where the cistern is and a plastic frame with a white tarp over it.  Under the tarp are 2 tables with chairs all painted a bright orange, coolers lined up behind the table and chairs and the bottoms of the trees are painted white and orange….Nurse Boy’s colors.

I pull up next to another car being washed and get the basic information on how all this works.  It’s no where near the same as in NJ.  There’s no ‘drive thru’ car wash….you know, you pay about $15, get an air freshener, put your car in neutral and then let the machinery take you on a nice ride through the car wash.  (I always sing the 70’s song “Car Wash” as I sit through it.)  Not here…here it’s all hand washing and detailing.  So I get a price for washing the outside, especially the “I love you ok baby” on the back window, and the inside is included in this price.  I sit with the guys in the orange chairs and watch the traffic go by as they begin to wash the car.  This process was about an hour and a half long.  I saw some of my students walk by, I got a couple honk and waves from a few friends I have made so far, and got to know the guys at Nurse Boys.  It was a fun experience and can I tell you, the car was SPOTLESS at the end.  All the dirt, sand, dust, and the beloved “I love you ok baby” had been meticulously cleaned.  All this for under $50. In NJ this job would have cost $200–easy…..WOW!  Thank you Nurse Boy.  🙂

"I love you ok baby" Before the Car wash Veiw 2Before the car washAfter the car wash



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